BioniCare Knee System

BioniCare® Knee System

State-of-the-Art technology for treatment of OsteoArthritis in the knee.  Reduces pain and other OA symptoms and may defer the need for total knee replacement.

ideal Knee braces for OsteoArthritis

OsteoArthritis Knee Braces

Light weight and comfortable knee braces with unique angle adjustments to optimize pain relief. Visit our knee brace page to see the variety of ideal Knee braces we offer to treat your specific knee condition.

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Back Supports

Ideal Brace & Othotics carries a variety of back supports to help relieve stress while you carry out the movements of daily living. Our supports can be worn under your outer clothing so others wont even notice you’re wearing one.

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Braces and supports to help your doctor treat pain associated with ankles, wrists, elbows, and other joints or soft-tissue conditions.

Our Company Mission
Ideal Brace & Orthotics (IB&O) strives to work with doctors to provide treatment solutions that help their patients carry out the activities of daily living with less pain. New innovations in joint and soft-tissue bracing and support design provide solutions many patients are not aware of. To succeed with a treatment plan, IB&O believes your doctor MUST be involved in selecting the appropriate support system for your situation and discourages internet direct-to-consumers brace sales.
The Ideal Brace Philosophy
The Ideal Brace Promise
MY ACTIVITY HAS INCREASED SINCE I STARTED USING BIONICARE, I NOW GO TO THE GYM, TAKE REGULAR WALKS, AND I’M EASILY ABLE TO PLAY WITH MY GRANDKIDS. I’ve been dealing with knee pain for almost 20 years, which I attribute to typical wear and tear. My job required me to be on my feet for most of the day, so by the time I arrived home my knees would be throbbing in pain. Due to this, my activity level outside of work remained extremely low. Initially, my course of treatment was various over-the-counter wraps and eventually I began receiving injections, both of which provided minimal relief. I learned about BioniCare from an educational luncheon at my work. It was there that I was informed that I’d be a good candidate for the BioniCare System and unloading knee brace. I was fitted and could immediately sense the difference in the stability of my knee. The night-wrap also provided relief, as I couldn’t remember the last time I had woke up without my knee aching in pain. My activity has increased since I started using BioniCare, I now go to the gym, take regular walks, and I’m easily able to play with my grandkids. BioniCare is truly remarkable and has helped the condition of my knee tremendously.
Donna S, Bellevue, Nebraska
I had to undergo surgery on my left knee after a job related injury. Shortly after that, I began experiencing regular pain in my right knee. I was constantly on my feet for my job, so the stress on my knee got progressively worse. My initial treatment was minimal, as I was depending on over-the-counter products that only provided short term relief, if any. I learned about BioniCare from my wife, who works at a medical facility, and overheard a conversation about how this treatment was a successful alternative to surgery. Ironically enough, at the time I was seriously contemplating total knee replacement surgery and was eager to learn more. I scheduled an appointment with my physician who was familiar with BioniCare and wrote me a prescription for the unloading knee brace and the night-wrap. It was moments into my fitting that I began to feel relief in my right knee. I was in awe about how immediate the pain was reduced. I’m up to around 900 hours on the night-wrap, which is gradually enabling me to go pain free without the brace everyday. I’m an advocate of the BioniCare treatment for anyone suffering from constant knee pain.
Jerome, Bakersfield, CA
BIONICARE HAS MADE MY LIFE WORTH LIVING AGAIN. I’M MORE ACTIVE THAN I’VE BEEN IN YEARS. I have had to endure years of pain. The doctors had put me on every pain pill I think on the pharmacy shelves, increasing the dosages, increasing the milligrams, trying different combinations…..pain pills and anti-inflammatories became so much of my every day maintenance that it became hard to keep up with what I was suppose to take and when. Also the pain pills had me always in a fog or knocked out that I was missing out on so much daily life. I saw another knee specialist… [who] said within 5 years I would need double knee replacements…….I was only 45 years old at the time! Upon getting my braces fitted I had major immediate relief!! NO KNEE PAIN WHAT SO EVER! I even walked up and down my stairs! … Wore the wraps while I slept that first night and was surprised they didn’t bother me trying to sleep but what really surprised me was that I was able to get out of my bed without help! And without pain! Too good to be true? Maybe. But, Bionicare has made my life worth living again, I’m more active than I’ve been in years and I am once again able to be with my family during those special events that happen….when they happen. My struggle is over! Thanks to all of the help, hard work and the persistence of a very special woman who refused to give up on me and her product! Thank you Michelle…..GOD loves you and so do I!
Lisa, Lincoln, Nebraska
I’M RIDING IN THE 42 MILE SEGMENT OF A BIKE RACE OVER THANKSGIVING WEEKEND WITHOUT THE BRACE I injured my left knee about 15 years ago when an ATV rolled into it. From that point on, the condition of my knee deteriorated. The onset of my osteoarthritis set in about four years ago when I noticed the movement from umpiring fast pitch softball and my golf swing becoming increasingly painful. It got so bad that I had to forgo umpiring due to the intense pressure on my knees. An orthopedic surgeon began giving me Synvisc shots to relieve the pain and fitted me with a brace. These treatments were sufficient, but only provided a short term solution. I was visiting an orthotics provider last March with my wife when I saw The BioniCare Knee System brochure. Unlike the brace alone, the knee system offered the brace plus the electrical stimulation. After obtaining a prescription for the system, I revisited the orthotics provider and was supplied with the wrap and electrodes. Since then, I have been wearing the wrap/electrodes every night for six months. I could sense a difference in my movement at around 400 hours. My physical state has improved incredibly over time. Now, I’m now only using the brace for extended lengths of rigorous work and playing golf. I’m riding in the 42 mile segment of a bike race over Thanksgiving weekend without the brace and I’m already up to 30 pain free miles in my training regimen.
Michael, Tucson, Arizona